“Cancel culture”, indeed!

Nice to know that such a term as “cancel culture” has made the headlines. What does this mean? That the “culture” a people are living in is not right and efforts should be made to set things right – to create another “culture” – as if “cultures” can be made overnight and spirited out of thin air. It takes generations to make a living culture. A culture is made of all the fundamental beliefs and practices, laws, celebrations, etc., of a people united with that culture built over generations.

We Catholics have suffered for over 300 years a “cancel culture” attack. Every academic, every history book, almost every work of entertainment, especially novels and films, have contributed to the cancelling of Catholic culture over the whole Western world.

North-western European Protestantism cancelled Catholic culture and dominated the North American world. Even the Irish immigrants to the USA and the bishops gave in to the cancelling of Catholic culture – “Must not display too much Catholic culture publically in case it offends the majority Protestant culture.” We are allowed a St Patrick’s Day march. Wow. Street marches celebrating feasts of Our Lady and Our Lord have been over the century severely curtailed until the contemporary Catholic has lost almost all it was to be a “cultural Catholic”. Catholics would once stop work at noon and say the Angelus – gone! Publically crossing oneself at many occasions through the day – gone!

The great revolutions of the Enlightenment and the French travesties of “Freedom, Equality and Brotherhood” have dominated to the point where Catholic history and scholarship is studiously ignored by the intelligensia. Edward Gibbon’s defining historical work for future historians set the stage for an all-out attack on Catholic culture, history, and life. Modern history is dominated by under-playing the role of the Church in establishing the Western world. How many times had you heard just how bad the “Middle Ages” were. The Middle Ages founded our schools, universities, our people’s parliaments, our foundations of reasoning – the rules of logic and the necessary valid argumentation which should follow from firm logical thought. Social welfare was extended right through Europe by men and women willing to give up their lives for the poor, sick and indigent – in fact way out of proportion to what now exists in our modern world!

Novels in the 19th century made Catholics the villains: nobles, then priests, and especially the Spanish (after all they used to be the only independent Catholic country left in Europe) – there are a number of female villains called “Isabella” because that is a popular Spanish name. The popular “Captain Blood” series featured Catholics as the villains. Even our royal family may not marry a Catholic and remain an heir to the throne. “Cancel culture, indeed!”

South America, the only area with a Catholic culture under Spanish and Portuguese rule in the 19th Century was deliberately undermined by the “Liberal” forces of the UK and USA, until each government in South America yielded to liberalism, causing huge destruction of many indigenous peoples not disposed to “democracy”. At least in some South American countries some semblance of Catholic culture remains. The USA made war on Mexico and extended their control over the future of Mexico ensuring there was no return of a vibrant Catholic expression of its culture. The USA secretly supported the atheist Mexican extermination of Catholics in the 1920s and supported every anti-Catholic movement till the present. Cuba, the last Spanish possession was invaded by the USA, and its reward was, ironically, Castro!

Note here the patronising flirtation with Mexican culture among Americans, especially their music and joyful celebrations arising from the depth of their still Catholic culture (hanging on by the fingernails) – something missed in the dour world we live in.

Us, modern Catholics, just have lost what is was to be a cultural Catholic. Our Faith needs the support of a surrounding Catholic environment in which to raise our families. It is gone! We are in some ways back to the position of Catholics in Ancient Rome, having to resort to private gatherings, and schooling our children outside the restrictions of the modern “atheistic” state – and let’s face it – the governing progressive ideas of the modern world are absolutely opposed to any dynamic expression of Catholicism even in our Catholic schools who know how to toe the line. The leaders of the modern world (even so-called Catholics) are servants of the underlying atheism of the world).

What is truly tragic is the choice of millenials to choose Marxism as an alternative to modern culture: a Lenin, whose first instructions to his party was to insist that they, the prols are to taught to be cruel, to get rid of all those petty bourgeois sentimental Christian beliefs of mercy. Officials were chosen on how effective they were in making random acts of cruelty for their own sake! It is unbelievable that our youth would choose “cancel culture” and replace it with Marxism.