Gabriel, the Archangel

To my Grandson, Gabriel.

Your patron saint is Gabriel, the Archangel. An angel.

Angels are spiritual beings created out of nothing at the beginning of all things. They exist outside of time and space: that is, they have no visible bodies (but they act on the material universe); and they do not conceive of time, but measure time by their actions.

An angel sees time like a unity of actions, liking striking a chord on a guitar: all the different actions of an angel play different notes from the six strings, so its actions are simultaneous but have different notes at different times for it, but one time for us.

How important are angels? Why were they made? To govern the whole universe! Every motion and action is under their authority. Every organised body of things – from the humble molecule to the greatest galaxy – comes under the direction of movement by an angel. The direction of animals, plants, weather, and our emotions – all are subject to movement. God, therefore, governs the whole visible and invisible universe through a hierarchy of beings, including mankind.

Each angel is totally distinct from any another angel. Each angel is its own thing – they are not a species. They are each like an individual star or gem, with its own individual character and unique power and authority.

Gabriel is an Archangel and is at the very top of this order of beings: he is, with the Seraphim and Cherubim, with Michael and Raphael. Gabriel has his own powers totally distinctly different. Gabriel is the strength of God. That means he brings to the universe – all of it! – the strength of God. In other words, he orders the lower angels, and his orders pass on to the even lower angels who in turn order the lowliest little angel.

Gabriel is your Patron. A Patron is an authority who oversees an area, or a body, or a person. Each body of matter, or each body of organisation has an angel patron. The earth has a Patron Angel, Australia has a Patron Angel, Sydney has a Patron Angel, your school has a Patron Angel, your family has a Patron Angel, you have a Patron Angel, called your guardian angel. But you are named Gabriel, so you have a special relationship with Gabriel himself as well as your assigned guardian angel.

When you ask Gabriel for help, you are calling on the special strength of God. Gabriel will ask Jesus, Our Lord, for special graces to help you. And after awhile you will take on the character of Gabriel himself, because as we enter into a loving relationship with someone we grow in likeness to them – we take on their character as well. So, praying for Gabriel’s help will help you grow in his likeness – strong in service to God.

Now, we call Gabriel, Michael and Raphael, Holy Archangels. Holy Gabriel or Saint Gabriel. Most of the angels are indeed holy, that is, full of God’s holiness, full of grace, of love, full of the Holy Spirit of God Himself. The word, “holy”, is related to wholeness, wholesomeness, being whole, integrated, at one with God. Perfectly aligned to God’s will. That is what a Saint is: perfectly aligned to God, full of God. So, when you pray for Saint Gabriel’s help you are also asking to become whole and to become perfectly aligned with God.

Heaven is full of all the Ones who are Holy: the Blessed Trinity of the Father, the Son – Jesus Christ – visibly complete in His body, and the Holy Spirit; and the Blessed Virgin Mary, visibly complete in her body; and the Holy Angels; and the Holy Souls of all the men and women who have died in the Love of God. Heaven is where we aim to be: and Holy Gabriel will help you get there.

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